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We take the Portuguese TRADITION
Newspapers and Magazines
Café Portugal: A news published in a portuguese magazine
Publication: Café Portugal Magazine- March 30th | 2010
“Café Portugal” describing a little bit of the Factory’s history.See more
Fábrica Sant'Anna
Publication: Madame Figaro Magazine - Japan
Article about Sant’anna in a Japanese magazine specialized in world’s best stores.See more
Portuguese Tiles
Publication: Persona Mulher Magazine
Article about Sant’anna’s products and history published in a Portuguese magazineSee more
Ceramics - Clay Feat - Lasting Beauty of Portugues Pottery
Publication: Veranda Magazine - USA
Article published in an American magazine writing about our history and production methods.See more
Fábrica Sant'anna in Lisbon is Europe's oldest
Publication: Metro Newspaper - January | 2008
A news published in a daily Portuguese newspaper highlighting the company’s quality and age.See more
Painted by history in clay and tiles
Publication: Correio da Manhã - May 6th | 2007
Article published in an important Portuguese newspaper telling our history and view for the future.Ver Mais
2000 Summit
Publication: Correio da Manhã | 2000
article where is shown the tiles bought by the US government for the 2000 summit that took place in Portugal.See more
For the palace of your dreams
Publication: Diário de Notícias - February 4th | 1996
Article in a Portuguese newspaper in its section about luxury goods.See more
Sant'Anna Pottery
Publication: Jornal da Amadora - April 1st | 1993
Article about Sant’Anna and our history published in a Portuguese newspaperSee more
Sordi di Genginha con ciliegie Libri e stampe del passato
Publicação: La Stampa - August | 1991
Article in an Italian newspaper about shopping in Lisbon recommending Sant’Anna as one of the best to buy ceramics. See more
Vibrant Tiles from Portugal
Publicação: New York Times - 25 de Junho | 1989
Artigo pela mão do New York Times, fazendo a presentação da empresa e sua históriaSee more
Fábrica Sant'Anna
Publication: Ecos Belém - December | 1988
Article published in 1989 in the new York times presenting Sant’Anna and its historySee more
The Master Tile Makers of Lisbon
Publication: Los Angeles Times - June | 1986
Article about Sant’anna and recommending us as the “Tiles Masters of LisbonSee more
In the Line of Traditional Pottery
Publication: Diário de Notícias - July 12th | 1981
Old article published in 1981 about Sant’anna and presenting our products.Ver mais
Still in operation the tile's factory partially destroyed by fire
Publication: Diário Popular - September 18th | 1981
Article written after the fire that happened in our plant in 1981. Ver mais